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What is our price based on?

The price of a French Bulldog puppy

I could write a whole chapter on the price of a French Bulldog. On the page ‘info pups and price‘ you’ll find a text I wrote a few years ago. Unfortunately I have had to increase the price several times with quite some leaps. Because my kennel has been up and running for a few years now, it’s easier for me to estimate my costs and income. Especially the purchase of some dogs took a big bite from the budget. For Abby, I paid € 4000,00 but for this she still had to be picked up from the UK by airplane. After her medical screening at the age of 15 months, she turned out to be unfit for breeding. Luna is also from abroad. For her, I paid € 2500,00 plus € 150,00 transportation costs. On top of that, there will be the costs for her export pedigree + DNA profile (€ 108,00) and her first medical screening (€ 200,00). At this point, I don’t know if she will be suitable for breeding. For every puppy that I sell, I pay 21% of VAT (tax), but I cannot deduct any taxes from the puppies that I buy. 

Furthermore, I have recurring monthly costs like insurance (car insurance, insurance for the interns who do their internship her for school) company insurance, website costs (the hosting package is over € 30,00 each month), food for the dogs (fresh meat), petrol, accountant, etc. The money is flying out of the window here.

Determining the titer in the blood of our dogs instead of simply vaccinating is also way more expensive. Vaccinating still happens, it’s only being done at the right moment. Especially when there’s a litter of puppies, it costs hundreds of euros more than plain vaccinating does. 

I still have to transfer a lot of money each month into the dog’s bank account. Total yearly expenses are way higher than the income is. It would be nice if there would be a bit of a balance. 

Constantly seeking for healthy dogs costs a lot of money. Prices for French Bulldog puppies are sky high, for me also. By far the most breeders don’t screen their animals the way I do it and many times, unfit dogs are being used for breeding. Not a soul that would say anything about it. Big money is being asked and paid. I know I can look anyone in the eye by doing the things I do. If you want a Loveboat puppy, you’ll have to make sacrifices. I can’t keep people away from puppy farmers on my own and people who are shopping for a bargain are not the people I’m looking for. I’ve noticed that the demand for puppies is increasing more and more, no matter if the breeder does any medical screening on the parents. Prices of € 2.500,00 are quite common. 

If I would breed Abby and thing would go well, my average price could stay on the same level or when I would increase the price, i would increase my income. My own vet did not give any advice against breeding with her, she is sane enough to leave that up to my sense of responsibility. By the way, the same goes for Roxy, who also has deformities in her spine, but doesn’t seem to be bothered by it (yet). Neither of these dogs will be bred by me and my search for a healthy bitch will continue. This way of working costs a lot of money and perhaps I will lose a few faithfully waiting customers, but I expect that most people will understand it. For 2018 I’ve set my price on € 2.250,00 VAT included. (so almost 400 euros will go to the Dutch tax authorities) For customers living outside The Netherlands, we maintain different rates. For further explanation, see our page ‘our rates for customers living outside The Netherlands


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