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About us



My name is Linda Wouters, I’m married to Ron and we have three sons, Erik (25), Frank (23) and Julian (20). The kennel name “The Love Boat” has existed since 8 September 1992. At that time I ‘d had a cattery for several under the same name and when I had bred a litter of Jack Russell Terriers, I chose “The Loveboat” as an affix and had it registered at our Kennel Club. .

I haven’t bred my cats since many years.. I always ran into the same problem: it is impossible to breed a healthy cat when you select them on their looks. Especially in Siamese and Oriental Shorthair there are a number of serious conditions that show up later in life. Many times you’ve bred cats that turn out to be sick. Maybe nowadays there are DNA tests, but there weren’t any back then.

I noticed at one point that I didn’t have any pleasure in breeding anymore, so I quit doing it. Ron, my husband, and I had three sons and we were quite busy raising them for several years. Add a busy job in and then there’s simply not enough time to have such an intensive hobby like breeding cats or dogs.



French Bulldog Kennel The Loveboat is  registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Alkmaar under number 61761753. My VAT number is NL175450961B01

The Kennel is registered at the  Kennelclub in the Netherlands and the FCI, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. Many breeders call themselves “recognized French Bulldog breeder’ and that sounds interesting, but it’s nothing more than an empty phrase. You pay 250 euros to register your kennel name. Any fool can call himself an  ‘Accredited Breeder’ or ‘Recognized Breeder’ .

So we are a breeder of French Bulldogs and our dogs run around the house freely. They even sleep in our beds. No benches, or anything else to lock them up.