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Rates for customers living outside The Netherlands


For people living abroad, we maintain different rates. In most other EU countries you cannot import your puppy before it has reached the age of 15 weeks, because it needs a rabies vaccination which can’t be administered before the age of 12 weeks and after that it has to ‘sink in’  for at least 21 days. 

This means that I will take care of all bloodwork, vaccinations and documents that will be necessary according to the puppy’s age and regulations of the country it will be going to. I will also put a lot of effort in socializing your new puppy. It will be a part of our family and live with my pack in my living room. I’ll take the puppy out for walks and let it get acquainted with other dogs, children and traffic. Your puppy probably won’t be fully trained by the time it’s ready to come over, but I will certainly start with elementary things like potty training. 

I will not let my puppies fly in the freight room of airplanes, only in the cabin, so make sure you find an airline that allows animals in the cabin. I would like to meet you in person, preferably before you come to pick up the puppy. It increases your chances of getting one of my puppies. Find me and/or the kennel on Facebook if you’re unable to come over.  

Pricing starts at € 2650 and this includes all the above things, an FCI pedigree, DNA profile, copies of all health screening documents of the parents, a 24 months warranty on hereditary diseases and a puppy package. For people living outside Europe, please ask me about the rates. 

It’s also possible for me to bring your puppy to you. Shipping costs will be added to the price in that case and the amount depends on the country you live in. I can travel  by airplane or by car. Please ask me if you wish to know more about this option.