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French Bulldog puppies


Our French Bulldog puppies will get an FCI pedigree, an EU pet passport with results of antibodies testing and vaccinations, a health declaration and DNA profile, so you will be certain that the puppies actually are out of the parents mentioned and we work with selling contracts in which is stated that we give a two year warranty on hereditary disorders. We fully stand behind the animals bred by us, so an extended warranty is only logical. We can’t guarantee that your puppy will be healthy, but at least we work with 100% healthy parents which increases your chances of getting a healthy puppy. If a problem should occur despite our efforts, we will do everything possible to solve things to everyone’s satisfaction. Our guarantee doesn’t stop as soon as you walk out the door! 

Both the sire and the dam had an extensive medical screening, supported by x-rays of neck, spine, hips and airways. This all is available upon request (also on this website) and puppy owners will get all this information printed in a folder, together with all other documents.

The price of our French Bulldog in 2018 will be € 2250 VAT included.

I’m working on selling contracts in English.

For more information, please contact me.

French Bulldog price

I regularly hear from other breeders that they are quite annoyed by people who only inquire about the price of puppies in their emails. Sometimes people send a very short message to which a lot of breeders don’t even react. I really understand that, but it would be a lot easier if you’d just mention your price on your website. I’ve also begun to understand that it can be hard, because you’d always have to give an explanation when you increase your price.

There are also people who will try to discuss the price. Strange, because you don’t discuss the price of a loaf of bread at the bakery’s either, but hey, it concerns much higher prices, so maybe it’s a good idea to explain the price.




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