Our dogs


Marley is the only man amongst women. He couldn’t care less and he enjoys the lovely female attention to the fullest.

Dixie, our beautiful reverse brindle French Bulldog


Dixie might have one last litter next summer. Not sure about that yet.

Franse Bulldog redfawn


Nellie is one of our youngest females and comes from Germany. She has a somewhat longer muzzle and has a sportier body than the average French Bulldog. She’ll get her medical screening this year.


Chloé is a daughter from Ayla and Marley and lives with our friend Astrid in Wieringerwerf. If she turns out to be suitable for breeding after our extensivet medical screening, she will be added to our breeding program.

Heroquda's Cheyenne


Jenny is our pensionada. She never had any puppies, that’s just not her thing. Apple of our youngest son’s eye, sleeps in his bed at night. Teenie weenie spoiled.

Franse Bulldog licht fawn met zwart masker


Ayla will be spayed and lives in our pack in our house.

Franse Bulldog redfawn


Roxy, our little doll. So sweet, always friendly, loves children. Pig-headed. Whatever she has in her mind….Unfortunately she turned out to be unfit for breeding, because of very serious deformities in her spine, which do not seem to bother her so far. Of course she could pass this on to her offspring, so we decided not to breed her. Roxy has been spayed. 


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